Frequently Asked Questions

What financial institutions can accept merchants’ payment via Money Space?
Merchant can accept the card from every bank that issues Visa credit cards.
How many currencies which are accepted by Money Space?
- We support 27 main currencies, including: USD, JPY, GBP, CNY, SAR, SEK, NOK, INR, HKD, EUR, AUD, SGD, CAD, CHF, NZD, OMR, RUB, BDT, AED, MYR, QAR, PHP, IDR, KRW, TWD, KWD, DKK.
- If a payment is made with a foreign card, we will automatically exchange the amount into Thai Baht.
What channels can you accept payment?
- For a businesses or merchants with no website, payment can be accepted through social media, email, and SMS by sending a payment link to your customers.
- For businesses or merchants with a website, a quick call to API or eCommerce allows them to plug-in to our system.
What is “Hold Money”? Why do we ask for you to wait to receive the payment?
- The “Hold Money” gives us the time to verify the transaction amount which you will be receiving fully. If there are any issues with the card that has been used to make the payment, we will contact you to let you know that you should stop sending or providing products/services to the purchaser immediately.
Will your payment acceptance be reliable when using our service?
- We are certified with the global PCI DSS (an information security standard, which is defined by five major card companies, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB). Also, we have been awarded a license from the Bank of Thailand.